Rhyme, Rhythm & Song

Rhyme, Rhythm & Song


Do I have to book?

No. You can pay on the day. Card payment only please.

How does the pricing work?

As an introductory offer for new members you can buy 3 sessions for £18, valid for 6 weeks. This is a saving of £6.

The usual fee is £8 per session per family, not per child. A "family" may include one or two adults with their child/children or a childminder with the children in their care.

With a loyalty card your tenth session is free. Loyalty cards are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Is there a coffee break?

Yes, there's a 20 minute break in the middle to give you a chance to meet and chat with other parents. There are balls and hoops for the children to play with.

Do I pay extra for coffee etc?

No, tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. is included in the fee. There is water for the children.
If you have one, please bring your own takeaway cup to avoid accidental spills.

Is there space to park?

There's plenty of parking in the hall car park, postcode SM7 3HR
The entrance to the car park is opposite house number 50 Carshalton Road, by the give way line where the road narrows.
The what3words address is ///singer.tunnel.path The entrance is quite hidden so this is probably the easiest
way to find it.

Why do I need to join the mailing list?

I don't keep any of your contact details on my records to comply with data protection. The mailing list, operated by Mailchimp, enables me to contact you quickly about unexpected cancellations or special events. You can join here.
You can unsubscribe from emails at any time.

I can't sing

That really doesn't matter. Your child will enjoy that one to one time with you and won't judge your singing, not until they are older anyway!

My child won't sit still for the whole session. Does that matter?

No. Most children won't, especially when they first come. If you join in then usually your child will want to be with you. Also I have ways of encouraging them back into the circle.

I can't come every week

That's ok. Come when you can. You don't have to commit to a block of classes.

Will it matter if I arrive after the start of the session?

No. If you find you are running late don't worry, just come in and join in. The same applies if you have to leave early.

Do the sessions run through the school holidays?

Yes. I do take holidays but not necessarily at the same time as schools. You can always check on the "Times" page to see when we are open. Older siblings are welcome to join us during the holidays.

What happens at Christmas?

The Christmas parties are at the usual times. We sing seasonal songs and play games. There is the usual fee for the parties but you can always donate more. All money raised goes to Operation Smile.

What happens with the Christmas collection?

Money raised at the Christmas parties goes to Operation Smile. We were able to donate £95 in December 2023!
Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Follow this link for a message from Operation Smile.

I have another question

Please contact me here if your query hasn't been answered.


On behalf of everyone at Operation Smile UK and all those we support thank you for you generosity. YOU ARE CHANGING CHILDREN’S LIVES